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We at Kaizen Collision Center understand maintaining your fleet is important to your business and your customers. Allow our worry-free process to assist with your fleet maintenance and repair needs. Below is a list of our fleet services to better serve you:

To avoid balance and handling issues, it is essential all the hitching and towing parts are well-maintained. There are a lot of components to inspect, but the main ones you should look at are: the trailer hitches, bearings, seals and trailer couplers. These parts need to be properly cleaned and greased before use.

The Arctic Fox 35-5z is a new entry into the family of RV’s on the market. It is a Class A motorhome, which means it has all the amenities of an RV but it is built in a cabin so you can actually stay inside and have your own kitchen and sleeping area. It also has all the comforts of other RVs, like a grill, refrigerator, microwave oven, big tub, and even a full size bed inside the cabin. This is one of the best new RVs on the market in it’s price range and you will not find a better built RV than this one. The price is not the cheapest I have ever seen for a motorhome but it comes very close.

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