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Auto Glass Repair

Kaizen specializes in fixing issues related to your windows, mirrors, and dashboard. Getting glass fixed is important to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Kaizen Glass Services

Get your glass repaired so you can get back on the road safely. Our refinement process is top-class.

Car Side Window Repair & Replace

Having windows that operate properly is key to keeping your car the temperature and cleanliness you want and is important to the security of your car. Whether it is repairing the window you already have or replacing it entirely, maintaining your window functionality and quality is top priority.

Windshield Repair & Replace

Getting your windshield repaired is paramount to your safety. Minute damage can worsen quickly since your windshield is the prominent barrier between you and objects moving very quickly when your vehicle is moving at high speeds. Getting your windshield fixed is not a difficult process and is absolutely worth your time.

Car Mirror Repair & Replace

Legally, you must have at least two operating mirrors on your car at all times. But this doesn’t mean you should drive without all three. Replacing any broken mirrors is important to your safety and should be taken seriously.