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Body Shop Flagstaff, AZ

At Kaizen, we strive to be the best auto body shop in East Flagstaff, AZ. Combine our superb customer service, expert body shop services, and transparent pricing, and we believe we’ve earned our great reputation.

When residents of East Flagstaff, AZ are looking for a body shop they can trust, they visit Kaizen Collision Center. As one of your most important investments, your car needs to be taken care of well. This means that when it’s time for repairs or service, you want to ensure your car is in good hands. Kaizen Collision Center is dedicated to serving the residents of East Flagstaff with expert, high-quality body shop and repair services.

Learn more about our auto body services in East Flagstaff, or call us to schedule an appointment with our team. It’s a privilege to serve you and to be known as the best body shop in East Flagstaff.

2360 E Huntington Dr #100
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Give us a call at (928) 226-1100

Paint & Body Auto Services Flagstaff, AZ

Is it time to freshen up the appearance of your car? Your car’s paint is what makes the difference between an old, weathered vehicle and a car that appears brand new. Kaizen Collision Center is the expert in paint and body auto services in the East Flagstaff area, ensuring your vehicle looks great. Our auto body service professionals pride themselves on their ability to restore the appearance of any car. We love cars, and we’re passionate about providing services that are backed by that passion. Make an appointment for a fresh paint job at Kaizen’s East Flagstaff body shop and see the difference it can make for your car.

In addition to upgrading the look of your car with a new paint job, bodywork is also important to consider. As dents, bumps, and scratches accumulate, they can leave your car looking old and worn-down. Kaizen’s bodywork services help to restore the appearance of your car and fix any dents or damage so that your car looks as good as new. Bring your car into our shop and we’ll provide you with a full, transparent evaluation of bodywork services. Our team works fast so that you can get back out on the road in no time.

Auto Glass Repair Flagstaff, AZ

Are your windows or windshield scratched or cracked? The glass on your car keeps you and your passengers safe and needs to be repaired should it be damaged. Rocks, temperature changes, other cars can cause damage to your car’s glass making your car unsafe to drive.

When your car’s windows have been damaged, contact Kaizen Collision Center for affordable auto glass repairs in East Flagstaff, AZ. We work with all insurance companies to reduce the cost of your repairs and guarantee our auto glass repair will last for the life of your car. It’s not safe to drive around with limited visibility or a compromised window, so bring your car into Kaizen’s East Flagstaff body shop for easy, expert auto glass repair service today!

Contact Kaizen Collision Center today to learn more about what makes us the best auto body shop in East Flagstaff, AZ. Call (928) 226-1100 or email us at support@kaizenautocare.com!

Kaizen Values

Kaizen Collision Center makes sure that each customer receives only the best care. Our main concern is always our customers. We understand that auto repairs can be a stressful, unexpected expense and that many of our customers need a replacement vehicle to get to-and-from work during repairs. That’s why we take the time to offer full, honest evaluations of service costs and assist our customers in acquiring a loaner car or towing services. At Kaizen, we’re committed to providing high-quality auto repair services and unmatched customer service.

Our Services

Our team of experienced auto body shop professionals can truly do it all. From paint and body services to auto glass repairs, our team can make your car look like new again. Before every service, we offer a complete and transparent estimate so that you can know what you are paying for. To make the process easier and more affordable, Kaizen works directly with your insurance company and fleet companies to provide a complete and accurate total for the cost of repairs. Getting you back on the road safely and efficiently is our top priority.